'Smokebuddy' Junior Personal Air Filter
'Smokebuddy' Junior Personal Air Filter

'Smokebuddy' Junior Personal Air Filter

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Pienempi buddy pienemmille hiteille :D

HUOM! Väri tulee ihan randomilla

The 'Smokebuddy' is a highly effective smoke and odor killer. It is developed in the USA, and has a special patented activated carbon filter. When the inhaled smoke is exhaled through the ‘Smokebuddy’, odor and dirt particles are reliably filtered out and clean, fresh air flows out.

No smoke in the flat, no suspicious odors, no second hand smoke - with the 'Smokebuddy', smoking becomes inconspicuously and discreetly. According to the manufacturer, the 'Smokebuddy Junior' is estimated at 200 uses or more. It’s handy size makes it perfect on the go and for traveling.

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